On this #spookysaturday eve, remember to tell the bees... That’s right. It was once customary for beekeepers to “tell” their bees about important events in the household like marriages, births, deaths and travels. If the bees were not told these things, it was considered bad luck, and could lead to a hive collapsing or a poor honey harvest. In the Victorian era, it became particularly important to tell the bees about deaths, and some families would even put the hives into mourning, covering them in black shrouds for a period of time. This superstitious practice was rooted in Ancient Greek and Mesopotamian cultures, where honeybees were considered sacred messengers between the natural world and the underworld. It was believed that the bees could transmit messages between people and their beloved dead. As Halloween approaches and the veil thins, pay attention to the honeybees. They might have messages for you! #spookysaturday #bees #beekeeping #thevalleyhive #halloween #october #tellthebees