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Good morning fellow thespians 🎭. Congrats to all the @sagawards nominees. And congrats to anyone who is lucky enough to make a living as an actor. And to those of you dreaming of one day being a working actor- keep hustling, stay positive, learn to validate yourself! It was my honor to announce my guild’s noms with the wonderful and talented @danaigurira #dramakidforlife

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🚂 NYC -> Los Angeles Due to a bevy of circumstances, I am on a train for the next 2 and a half DAYS (🤯!!) traversing the country. Any ideas for what my train adventure hashtag should be? To state the obvious: my name is America and I’m crossing the United States of America 😉.

4 day ago
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Oh, well, thank you @indiewire ☺️ #2010s @nbcsuperstore

6 day ago
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We’re fire 🔥 and we know it. And yet... Today is #LatinaEqualPay Day, when Latinas "catch up" to what white, non-hispanic men were paid in 2018. The gap is widest for Latina workers, who on average earn only 54 cents for every $1 a man is paid. Meaning, they must work nearly two years to earn what white men earn in one year. This is unacceptable, and we need to act now. Latinas are powerful, and we deserve equal pay! @phenomenal tee benefits Justice For Migrant Women ( @mujerxsrising )which protects the rights of migrant women.

21 day ago
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Señorita Sunday 🥀 @karlawelchstylist @hairbyaviva @vscali

24 day ago
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What a joy to receive the Latina Leadership Award from my Queen @evalongoria & the @evalongoriafoundation - they do such incredible work like giving Latinas scholarships, micro-loans and training in STEM fields. Get to know their work and invest in our future Latina leaders!!

25 day ago
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@unforettable sent me these pics of when we first met shooting an HBO pilot many many moons ago!! Can you guess how old I was? (Old enough to drive apparently, but still wearing retainers). 🌟🌟🌟answer is: 19 years old! This was SIXTEEN years ago!!!!!! 😱 The pilot was called “$5.15/hr” and we all worked the graveyard shift at a corporate diner. I played a 16-year-old Born Again Christian waitress.

29 day ago
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Wish I was here right now! ✊🏽🏛✊🏽 Today, DACA goes before the Supreme Court. I’m proud to support the young people across the country who are rallying in opposition to the Trump administration’s effort to end DACA. More than a quarter million U.S.-born children have a parent who is a #DACA recipient. Ending DACA would tear families and communities apart. Their #HomeIsHere Watch the rally live here: and follow @unitedwedream @fwdus @nilc for updates.

29 day ago
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Tomorrow, Nov 12, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the #DACA program. We need national support to defend DACA and TPS and demand that the courts rule on the right side of history. Here’s what you can do right now: Get informed on the ruling, raise awareness, and DONATE to help immigrant youth pay the $495 it takes to renew their status. (Donation link in bio- more info on SCOTUS ruling in my stories.)

30 day ago
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Sooooo many fiercely talented and gorgeous Latinas in one room. Can you name them all? #fiercelylatina

32 day ago
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@zoesaldana and I celebrated Dia de Los Muertos at a shelter for unaccompanied minors who traveled to the US alone, or were separated from their families upon arrival. They decorated cookies, painted their faces, sang along to pop hits, and ate delicious food- the things children should be doing. They were full of joy despite the uncertain and harrowing journeys they are on. Thanks to the amazing @elsamariecollins and @thisisabouthumanity for bringing love and light to these beautiful children and for letting me be a part of it. Choose humanity.

39 day ago
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My little Dino is growing up so fast. 🦖 Happy Halloween!!! 🔺Update: this rare species has been categorized and named the Bazasaurus!

41 day ago

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