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⚡️New week, new opportunities⚡️ . #NeverSkipMonday #Mondays2020 #Monday #MotivationMonday #FrontLever #Calisthenics #CalisthenicsCanada

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NO PECS, NO SEX 😂🖤 . 🔥Workout inspired by @nikomullings to make sure you get a crazy strong chest this year.! . 🤘🏽These 4 exercises will target every part of your chest and more so give them a shot in a pyramid set like this: 👉🏽 Chest dips: 5 / 10 / 15 / 10 / 5 👉🏽 In & outs: 6 / 12 / 18 / 12 / 6 👉🏽 SB dips: 7 / 14 / 21 / 14 / 7 👉🏽 Shorties: 10 / 20 / 30 / 20 / 10 . Lets do this!!! . 💪🏽Stay tuned for more routines like this! What else would you want to see?? Comment below or shoot me a DM . #Calisthenics #Pecs #Chesticles #Chest #Calistenia #CalisthenicsCanada #CalisthenicsToronto #BarBrothers #Toronto

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MOTIVATION 🖤 . 🔥You see a cool video, meet someone you look up to, start an exciting project or even see results in your training and that fuels your motivation. . 🤨But only for a bit. Only through that high. Only when its fresh. . 🧠Its not easy is to stay motivated forever because in my eyes it is simply a daily choice. A decision that needs to be made consiously and deliberately. . 🙄Truthfully, a lot of times I struggle to find that fire, that fuel, that motivation and thats ok. I have bad days like everyone else. . 💪🏽What i do well is having the willpower to get the job done regardless of whether Im motivated or not. . If you let bad days get to you, things will keep seeming bad. . 🔮Turn it around. Dont let one bad day impact the rest of your week, month and even year. . YOU are in control of what happens to you, smile, enjoy the little things in life and strive to be a better version of yourself everyday 🙌🏽 . I got to wear this wicked Marco heavyweight bomber from @noizeoriginal for this picture that kept me mad warm 🤘🏽 . #Motivation #Winter #CantHurtMe #Limitless #Calisthenics #Outerwear #NoizeOriginal #Noize #Gametime #VenezolanosEnToronto #Attitude

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RINGS 🖤 . That love-hate relationship is real but when I play @ozuna ‘s new album I get HYPED UP!!!! 💪🏽 #BestAlbum2019 . 😫I dont do much ring work but its one of those equipments that can really elevate your strength and control in calisthenics. . ❤️I love playing them but don’t incorporate them much in my actual training but after doing this wonky flow Ill be sure to add it more.! . Im ready 🤘🏽 . 👉🏽PS: Im still running boxing days promotion for my online training programs so if you’re ready to get started in training, create structure and accountability in your fitnees and start seeing results drop a 💪🏽 emoji.! . #Calisthenics #Trainer #CalisthenicsCanada #Toronto #TorontoCalisthenics #TorontoFitness #Barbrothers #FrontLever #BackLever #MuscleUp #VenezolanosEnToronto #Calistenia

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💭 Stay focused

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MONDAY 🖤 . Mondays are a new opportunity to grow. A new day to get up and go after your goals. Another chance to redeem yourself and do what needs to be done to make all your dreams and aspirations come true. . 👉🏽That’s why #NeverSkipMonday is so important to me! Its the perfect way to stay ahead and to not let factors outside of my control dictate what I do.! . ☃️If you believe in New Years Resolutions I have a challenge for you.. How about we switch to the New Week Resolution mentality instead?? . 💪🏽I challenge everyone to jump on the #NeverSkipMonday train and join me every Monday in 2020 to go at it with the hashtag #Mondays2020 . If you’re in comment below with 🤘🏽 and if you just need a push or some extra help to get started comment with ❤️ . Let’s do this!!! . #Toronto #Calisthenics #CalisthenicsCanada #TorontoFitness #Trainer #Monday #Motivation #VenezolanosEnToronto #TorontoClimbing #TorontoCrossfit #Fitness #CantHurtMe

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COOL PULL UPS VARIATIONS 🖤 . Time to level up and show off for the holiday season! Here are some pull up variations for you to try out 🤘🏽 . 🔥Starting from easiest to hardest, you can include these in your workouts to spice things up and give yourself that extra challenge . 1️⃣ Jumping pull ups 2️⃣ Wide grip pull ups 3️⃣ L-sit pull ups (shoutout to @hannibalforking1 ) 4️⃣ Clap pull ups 5️⃣ Archer pull ups . Have fun and tag a friend to try these too!! . #PullUps #Calisthenics #Calistenia #TorontoFitness #SetsAndReps #BarBrothers #Barbarians #Hannibal #VenezolanosEnToronto #Toronto #CrossfitToronto #ClimbingToronto #StreetWorkout #WSWCF #WCO #ProgressiveCalisthenics #Thenx #FitCalisthenics

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I HATE WINTER 🖤 . But this year I won’t . ❄️Every since I moved to Canada Ive hated winter. . ☀️Sure, its pretty but I grew up with the Caribbean sun and a hot climate in Venezuela that can’t compare! . This year I decided to take a new attitude towards winter though. . 🤷🏽‍♂️I have absolutely NO CONTROL over the weather and whinning about it won’t help me move forward. . 🙅🏽‍♂️Instead of getting pissed, depressed and annoyed about how shitty it is outside, Ill prepare and enjoy as much as I can. . Its not easy and I still wish it was hotter but like Pablo Picasso said, “When I don’t have red, I use blue” - ADAPT . #Winter #Canada #CantHurtMe #Attitude #ILoveWinter

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THE LAZIEST BURPEES IN HISTORY 🖤😂 . That’s what Im calling these. These burpees are the ones you do by pure inertia. . Your head wants you to keep moving but your body is behind 😫 . ❤️I actually love this feeling because it exposes my weaknesses, shows me what I need to be working on and keeps me on my toes. . 👊🏽I draw parallels from fitness to day-to-day life and things like this allow me to identify situations like this in other aspects of my life. . I’ll be working on my blind spots 👀 . Thank you to my brother @salasluis for standing by me and keeping me in check🤘🏽 . #Calisthenics #MuscleUps #Calistenia #CalisthenicsCanada #Training #FitnessToronto #VenezolanosenToronto #Toronto #Fitness #CantHurtMe

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