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TGIM you get a chance to make MONDAY your day to crush it

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My #FLOWERKids HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE is live on @walmart .com featuring some of my favorite gifts for kids of all ages! Check it out - link in my bio @flowerbydrew #HappyHolidays #FLOWERbyDrew

8 day ago
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My red & blue color trend continues! @flowerbydrew #FLOWEREyewear our optical frames are @walmart 🇺🇸 @asda 🇬🇧 and @walmartcanada 🇨🇦

8 day ago
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Who says red and blue are not the new official colors of XMAS 💙❤️😉 We’re celebrating #cybermonday at @flowerbeauty today with a special gift to all of you... 40% OFF EVERYTHING!!! Use code CYBER40 at www.flowerbeauty.com to shop!! Free ground shipping too! #FLOWERBeauty #LetsPlay

8 day ago
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These @flowerbydrew cloud ☁️ headboards are finally available online @walmart and... They are REVERSIBLE! I always love designing a 2-in-1 product!! I’m also including a link in my bio to the FLOWER Home & Kids holiday gift guide I’ve curated with @walmart Check it out! We have designed so many fun and useful gifts for everyone on your list. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!

8 day ago
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Listen on your commute this thanksgiving to me try to explain why the holidays are a beautiful and at times delicate thing to navigate as a parent! This is me talking to my friend and child expert DR ALIZA PRESSMAN. Wait until you hear her clip coming next. I love her and her wisdom. And yet we are trying to make this all relatable, because we all try so hard to get it all right for our kids. Parents can hear us talk as adults while trying to figure out how to @raisinggoodhumanspodcast

10 day ago
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My beautiful leftovers!

11 day ago
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LINK IN BIO and listen as we navigate the holidays with children and how we figure out things as loving parents who care, who are trying to raise good kids! But it isn’t always easy and it doesn’t always go according to plan. How do we take the expectations out, in a time with so many expectations. The Holidays are an opportunity for all of us to grow our perspectives. And figure out how we give in realistic ways to others, because this is the time of year to ultimately take care of each other. And to me, what is so important, is how we comb over the level of awareness we have and need to care throughout the rest of the year. My favorite thing about the holiday is about to actually become my own epiphany during this podcast. Because when we talk it out and think it out, I came to a very wonderful conclusion that is simple and quiet! And something I have done for and with my kids, that was always something that seemed important when I was growing up. And it’s true! We can create all these incredible narratives at this time of year. Even the ones we idealized as kids ourselves and now have the chance to do as adults for our own kids. I love you @aliza118 and @seedlingsgroup and @raisinggoodhumanspodcast

11 day ago
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Pilar @kickshawcookery just sent me this. It’s a colorful decorative fun way to explore a way to cook and navigate for the holiday. I’m going to print these out (reg printer on reg paper. Quick and easy) and then put them on everyone’s plates with their names. I’m also going to need elastic pants and a lazy boy. Thank you Pilar! For stuffing me!

16 day ago
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Here’s a before & after using our new @flowerbeauty HEATWAVE BRONZING ESSENCE I just add a drop to my normal makeup routine! You can build the color and it works on every skin tone for radiant, glowing skin. Swipe to see how I got ready - all products are #flowerbeauty !! #nofilter #letsplay

17 day ago
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BRING HEAT TO THE HOLIDAYS 🔥 Today, we are launching our newest @flowerbeauty innovation, HEATWAVE BRONZING ESSENCE If you love our Supernova Skin Elixir, just wait... you must try this!!! This formula is something I’ve worked to perfect over the past 2 years... Just mix a drop with your makeup for a buildable, natural glow. This bronzing essence is infused with golden pigments for sun kissed skin, all year round!! I’ll post a video tomorrow so you all can see a before and after on my skin... I can’t wait for you to try it!! AVAILABLE ONLY AT FLOWERBEAUTY.COM #whilesupplieslast #linkinbio #FLOWERBeauty #LetsPlay

18 day ago
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#TGIM start the movement

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