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🥰 Welcome to Goldilocks world 🙋🏼‍♀️ Mountain Bike World Cup Champion 2014/15/18 + World Champion 2017🌈 🔥 @trekfactoryracingxc Love is all we need ♥️
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My favorite place on earth is in your arms 🥰 you make me so happy @luca_shaw ❤️ thank you for the photos @walkershaw 😘 #perfectday

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Birthday cake for breakfast 🥰🎂 so happy I made it to chapter 27 of this life! Here‘s a little update on my health from @trekbikes website (full report on After a serious crash while mountain biking in North Carolina on December 22, Jolanda Neff had an emergency procedure to stem internal bleeding in her spleen. Leaving the hospital three days later, she began her recovery process in North Carolina supported by her boyfriend and his family. She now knows enough to share what the next few months will be for her: a break from racing. Q: How are you feeling after such a serious injury? Neff: I’ve received so much support and love from everyone, it was really overwhelming. I think I was really lucky in the whole situation with everyone reacting quickly and having the best care possible. This is a whole other level of injury, I’m very lucky it wasn’t worse. I am so thankful for the care my boyfriend and his parents have given me. Q: What do you know now, two weeks after your crash, about your injury? Neff: My spleen is still in my body but it is dead. After the embolization where they plugged my artery to stop bleeding, there is no more blood flow in my spleen. It will remain in my body, but it is dead. The spleen is important for your immune system, but you can live without a functioning spleen. I have to be super careful now not to burst the plug in my artery. That would start internal bleeding and require emergency surgery. Q: What are the most important steps for your recovery? Neff: I cannot raise my blood pressure for next three months because I need to be very gentle with the artery plug. The medical staffed advised three months of very little movement to make sure my blood pressure stays really low. Hopefully, as an athlete, I will be able to recover a little quicker and take up cycling in less than three months. Q: What does this injury mean for your 2020 racing schedule? Neff: I will not race again until after March. I fly back to Switzerland next week to make plan with the Swiss Olympic team doctor, Patrik Noack, on how to go forward. The more I rest, the faster I recover.

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Adiós década! Muchas gracias for following along... funny to think that we are jumping into a whole new decade. I wish you all a wonderful 2020! My international racing has exactly been the full last decade. 2010 I was a first year junior, 2012-2015 racing the U23 class and from 2016 onwards Elite. If I had to rank these ten years with the best on top, my top three pick would be the following... (for the full list in German head over to my website Had some spare time the last couple days among all the sleeping 🥳). 1. My favorite year: 2014. Third U23 world champion title in a row, 3 elite world cup wins and youngest ever overall world cup champion at age 21. On top of that, or maybe thanks to him, I had such an awesome team manager in Dutchman Leo van Zeeland, and the best team mates one could ever wish for. 2. Second favorite year: 2018. Got to wear the rainbow stripes of the real world champion jersey that I won the previous year. 3 world cup wins, 3rd world cup overall title, 3rd time european champion. Reunited with one of my best mates in the team @maja.wloszczowska and with @hubert.grzebinoga + @magdalenazamolska we had two super hard working, always kind helpers on our side. 3. Third favorite year: 2012. My first year in the U23 class. I won the swiss, european and world championships. Earned my first pro contract for the following year. My parents ran the show in the background and travelled with me to the races in the camping car. Good times! And here is a random selection of happy moments in 2019. I will give you an update on my health soon, but as you can see, I can operate my phone again 🥰 so my condition is getting a little better day by day. More soon 😘 happy new year to you. Jolanda xx

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Hi everyone, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! While I was riding my mountain bike in Pisgah Forest, North Carolina, I came off the trail at high speed and crashed onto a pile of tree trunks with spiky branches. My lungs partially collapsed, I broke a rib, and my spleen got ruptured which caused internal bleeding. To stop the bleeding, the medical team first wanted to remove my spleen with emergency surgery but luckily the trauma team at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC, had an expert who could do a procedure called embolization, which meant he went into the artery of my leg to go up to the artery of my spleen to block it with a plug. I am very lucky to be in such good hands!! @luca_shaw has been taking such great care of me and I can’t thank him and his fantastic family enough for being here for me 24/7. Also big thanks to @steelcitymedia for getting me out of the woods. The people at Mission Hospital did an excellent job in a life-threatening situation and my guardian angel has been amazing the last couple days. Trek has been super supportive and sent me a bouqet of beautiful flowers. I‘m still in a lot of pain and breathing is hard, but my condition is stable now. I’m sleeping a lot. Further plans have not been made yet. Thank you to everyone for your messages! Jolanda 🖤

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Riding bikes makes you happy. - quod erat demonstrandum

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Mad about my Madone 😍🍂🍁 Frame design, engineering + IsoSpeed by @trekbikes Rims, tires, handlebars, WaveCel helmet + shoe covers by @ridebontrager Drivetrain, SRAM RED etap AXS + disc brakes by @sramroad Thermal pants, winter jacket + thermal underwear by @santini_cycling Neckwarmer + headwarmer by @buffofficial Credit card for coffee breaks by @cornercard Gloves and SpeedCraft glasses by @100percent_bike Data collector Edge 830 by @garmin Data collecting agent by @quarq Data analysis by @splunk Fuel by @guenergylabs Photo by my sister 😘 #ad #wintertraining #fluffyride

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All the secrets you ever wanted to know are right here 🙉 Talking about my focus for 2020, Goldilocks part 2 and beer parties 🤭 #linkinbio #Repost @trekbikes ・・・ 🔊 NEW PODCAST LINKED IN BIO🔊 You may know @JolandaNeff as cycling’s triple threat: a professional road, mountain, and cyclocross racer, but did you know she also loves acting? This episode we discuss the challenges that come from racing a three discipline schedule and Jolanda’s lead role as Goldilocks in our latest Supercaliber commercial. #betterwithbikes #trekbikes #podcast #bikepodcast #cyclingpodcast #jolandaneff

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How could one not love playing in the snow ☃️🥰🐾

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Weeeeeekend here I come 🥰🚲

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We did heaps of hydration testing in Malaysia and gained brilliant insights, for example how much water do you need to swallow when you dive from unicorn to flamingo? 🤓🦄💦 aaand some other stuff... wait for next August and I‘ll tell you more 😇 so today I did a performance test back in Switzerland at our national performance centre in Magglingen and it looks like I‘m right. on. track. 🎉🔛 now time to put the pieces together and go riding 🥳 #halleluja #goldilocks #supercaliber #guforit @trekfactoryracingxc @cornercard @srammtb @rockshox @santini_cycling @ridebontrager @guenergylabs @ride100percent @swisscyclingteam

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First taste of the cyclocross world champs track with @swisscyclingteam 🌈🍪 #dubendorf2020 #swisscycling @trekfactoryracingxc @cornercard @buffofficial @ridebontrager @100percent_bike

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